Meeting 16th October

Our Toastmaster SR had a musical theme for the meeting and mentioned memories
of Radio Luxembourg 208, with it’s music, DJs and adverts including Clearasil and the
famous Horace Batchelor of Keynsham (spelt K-E-Y-N-S-H-A-M) Infra-Draw Method

It was good to see Bertie Sander (our Area Governor) and Gary Sander again, they
both joined in enthusiastically with our table topics session

Introductions were to the question: ‘What Musical Memories Do You Have?’

The Invocation was by AK

‘Titivate’ was the chosen word from the Grammarian JC

Prepared speeches were by TH, PR & DM
The Best Speech award went to PR for his speech entitled: ‘Words’

Table topics Master CLW posed various fashion questions including:

If you wore a baseball cap, which way around would you wear it?
Would you wear ‘winkle pickers?
Bovver boots – would you wear them and why?
Which style of fashion do you wish would return?

Best Table Topic award went to AK
Best Evaluator award went to GB (Table Topic Evaluation)

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