Meeting 21st August

Another warm summer’s evening in the library, our Toastmaster last night was KB who steered our little ship in her usual gentle and effortless manner

The unusual and interesting theme of the evening was ‘The London Underground’ and introductions were answers to the question: ‘What train memory do you have?’

The Invocation was by DL

‘Positive’ was the chosen word from the Grammarian LG

Prepared speeches were by EH, CAW & MH
The Best Speech award went to MH for his speech entitled:
‘Say it with flowers’

Tables Topics Master LV posed various interesting questions including:

How do you make a tough decision?
How would you show someone the delights of Norfolk?
What do you find absolutely impossible?
If you won the Lottery – how would you spend it?
Do you have any theories?
What Superpower would you have?

Best Table Topic award went to TH
Best Evaluator award went to PR (Speech 2)

We are pleased to see that LC has decided to join our flock and we also
send our best wishes to HC who is taking a maternity break for a year

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