AGM meeting 12th June

A warm balmy evening of 18ºC but where is the sun this year? A surprisingly good turnout for this meeting with 1 new guest M, and 2 returning guests JAC & MC.
Our President GB got the meeting promptly under way.

Items on the agenda were:
1.  Minutes of last meeting
2.  Matters arising
3.  Fire Alarm Procedures
4.  President’s report
5.  VP Education report
6.  VP Membership report
7.  VP Public Relations report
8.  Treasurers report

9.  Election of new committee
Next years committee will be as follows:
President DB,  VP Education GB,  VP Membership SR,  VP Public Relations KB,
Treasurer TH,  Sergeant at Arms JC,  Secretary PR

10.  Toastmaster of the Year Award went to SR
11.  Close

In the second half of the evening we were immersed in a special Table Topics
session hosted by TH. We were all given the same topic: ‘Whatever did he, she or they see in me?’ and were each asked to answer the question in one minute and then evaluate another person’s table topic, again in one minute.
It was a great learning experience and a good time was had by all!

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