Meeting 15th May

On this blustery wet evening in May we had the privilege of having JC as Toastmaster who conducted the events with her usual humour and enthusiasm. The evening’s activities were peppered with an amusing extensive selection of Oscar Wilde quotations…

Introductions were in answer to the question:
‘What character from a book, film, play etc would you like to play and why?’
which stimulated some interesting replies…

Prepared speeches were by PR & MH (there was no Best Speech Award)
Best Evaluator award went to AP for Table topics Evaluation
Best Table Topic award went to CLW

Grammarian/Wordmaster was SR who chose the word ‘relish’

A cluster of 8 topical Table Topic from DL were delivered by BP – and included questions such as: Is space travel worth the expense?; Should we build on flood plains and green belt areas?; Are TV & Internet Loans harmful?; We are what we eat?

We had the pleasure of one returning guest LC and also two new guests MC & JAC
We do hope they enjoyed the experience and will return for more…

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