Meeting 20th March

Our Toastmaster CAW conducted the evening’s proceedings with her usual mixture of confidence, control and informality

Introductions were to the question ‘Which city break would you recommend and why?”

Prepared speeches were by LV, DM & KD

Best Evaluator award went to GB

Best Speech award went to LV for her excellent Icebreaker speech entitled:
‘What Happens in the Igloo Stays in the Igloo’

‘Propensity’ was the chosen word from the Grammarian KB

The Tables Topics master SR suggested an animal to each ‘victim’ and asked them to
tell us what it was like to be that animal

Examples were: bluebottle, budgerigar, chicken, flea, giant panda, goldfish and horse
– there was lots of acting and laughter…

Best Table Topic award went to JC

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