Contest 6th March

GB did a magnificent job of being Contest Chair for the International Speech Contest, others members being herded into packs to perform various duties…

Contestants were:
DL with a speech entitled: Around the World in 7 Minutes
CAW with a speech entitled: The Story of a Somerset Lad
KD with a speech entitled: Swimming in the Kitchen Sink

In the second half of the evening KD was Contest Chair for the Evaluation Contest
and performed the task admirably

The sample speech by SR was entitled: Sinister Covens and Sacrificial Goats

Evaluation Contestants were DL and DB

Introductions were in answer to the question ‘Aside of Toastmasters, what contests have you won or would like to win?’

IMG_0244 IMG_0240The winner of the Evaluation Contest went to DL
The winner of the International Speech Contest went to CAW

CAW & DL will be representing our club at the Area Contest on
Monday 25th March at Dereham Meeting Point

It was good to see guest ML and we hope to see him again soon

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