Meeting 20th February

Our Toastmaster MH used the theme of ‘the state of the world’, the evening being
interspersed with interesting facts and figures giving us food for thought and a change of perspective

Introductions were in answer to the question ‘if the UK was completely flooded and you had to emigrate to another country, where would it be?’

Prepared speeches were by KD, RM & PR
Best Evaluator award went to DB
Best Speech award went to PR for the speech entitled ‘At the Sharp End’

‘Meld’ was the chosen word from the Grammarian KB

The Tables Topics master AP chose subjects in the theme of ‘in the good old days’
What would you do if you had: no washing machine, no car, no computer, no xbox,
no MacDonalds, no TV, no mobile phone etc

Best Table Topic award went to MB

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