Meeting 31st October

A most welcome distraction from the Trick & Treat ‘festivities’ this evening…

Toastmaster was DP who provided us with an enthusiastic fun filled evening as per usual
As it was Halloween Night we were asked to introduce ourselves and state which Trick or Treat we would offer

Prepared speeches by AB, RM & JC
Best Evaluator award went to TH
Best Table Topic award went to MH
Best Speech award went to JC for the speech entitled ‘Be careful what you wish for’

‘Potency’ and ‘Potent’ were the chosen words from Grammarian DL

Tables topics from CAW were culled from current newspapers and featured diverse topics from Ryder Cup Golf through James Bond to President Francois Hollande and gas guzzling vehicles

We had the pleasure again of our two new guests LV & NR. We hope they will return again and become fully fledged members

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