Area Contest 3rd October

The Area Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest was held at Rossi’s Leisure Centre, North Walsham. Our guests from Norwich Speakers Club, Dereham Articulate and Brandon Speakers were treated to a wonderful spread of sandwiches to go with their tea and coffee.

DM was the Contest Chair for the Humorous Speech Contest, competitors were ST, CH, SH & SR
The results were: 2nd CH, 1st SR with a speech entitled ‘Saturday Night Fervour’

After the break it was time for the Table Topics Contest chaired again by DM
Competitors for this were ST, LM, JA & RM
The Table Topic was:
‘Tell us some of the changes you have seen in your lifetime, for better or for worse’

Introductions by members were to the question ‘What has been a positive change for you?’ 
The Table Topics results were as follows: 
2nd  was LM, 1st went to JA for his talk including comments on fatherhood and job applications

The evening concluded with the presentation of the trophies and the taking of further  incriminating photos by DB!

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