Meeting 5th September

There was a palpable competitive feeling in the library with members busying themselves with various preparation duties…

GB was the Contest Chair for the Humorous Speech, competitors were DL, CLW & SR
The results were as follows: 3rd CLW, 2nd DL, 1st  SR with a speech entitled Ob La Di Ob La Da
Introductions by members were to the question “What makes you competitive?”

After the break it was time for the Table Topics contest chaired by JC
Competitors for this were CLW, RM, DP & MH
The Table Topic was:
‘Desert Island Discs’ is 70 years old this year. What luxury item would you take if you were stranded on this island?”

In the break after the table topics there was good fun in picking out products from long
remembered TV adverts including: Pepsodent, Settlers and 1001!

The Table Topics results were as follows:
2nd  was MH, 1st went to RM for his choice of a trustworthy flint to light fires with

The evening concluded with the presentation of the well chosen contemporary glass trophies and the taking of  incriminating photos by DB!

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